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Air India Did Emergency Landing After Engine Shutdown

Disaster averted today with Air India Flight. Air India flight did an emergency landing in Mumbai after an engine shutdown in the mid-air. Air India flight A320 did an emergency landing in Mumbai today after an engine shutdown in the mid-air. Air India is now run by Tata Group. Air India flight A320neo took off from Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport and after 27 minutes Air India did an emergency landing due to technical difficulties in the mid-air. To know the whole detail just scroll down the page and read the entire article till the end.

About Air India Flight A320

Air India is owned by the Tata group now. Today’s morning at 09:43 am Flight A320neo take off from the Mumbai airport to Bangalore airport but after some time pilot of the flight, A320neo gets a warning related to high exhaust temperature gas. After knowing this technical difficulty the pilot immediately landed the flight again at the Mumbai airport at 10:10 am. According to sources, the engine gets shut down in the mid-air just after the take-off from Mumbai airport.

Air India spokesperson said that the passenger was flying to their destination Bangalore but after changing the aircraft. Aviation Regulator Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) is conducting an investigation against this incident information provided by the sources. Air India spokesperson said our top priority is the safety of all the members present on the flight. Air India’s Maintenance team and Engineering team have immediately looked into this issue.

Air India History

Air India is a national airline of India. Air India’s headquarter is situated in New Delhi. The founder of Air India Airlines is J.R.D.Tata and Air India is founded in 1932 in Mumbai. Air India was founded by J.R.D. Tata as a Tata Airlines. After that Air India became Air India Limited and it comes under the government of India. When it becomes a public limited company Tata Airlines is renamed Air India. In 1953 the Government of India purchased the major stakes in the carrier from the Tata Sons and the company was renamed the Air India but till 1977 the chairman will be the same. On February 21, 1960, Air India introduced its first jet named Boeing 707-420 in the market and became the first Asian airline in the JetAge.

On June 28, 2017, The government of India approved the privatization of the company. A committee is appointed to start this process of privatization. In March 2018, The government of India sold a 76% stake in the company Air India but no one is ready to buy the stake of the company. So in the year 2020, the government of India decided to sell a 100% stake in the company. The government of India offers to bide for buying the stake in the Air India. Again the Tata group buy the 100% stakes in Air India.

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