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Al-Qaeda Threatened Suicide Bombing| Security Raised

After the statement of Nupur Shamra, there has been an atmosphere of anarchy in the whole country. The news is coming that AQIS(Al-Qaeda in Indian Subcontinent) has threatened to commit a suicide bombing attack on India. Al-Qaeda spoke of attacking India for making objectionable remarks on Prophet Mohammad made during a TV debate by BJP Spoke Person. Al-Qaeda has talked about committing suicide bombings in many states of India like Delhi, Mumbai, Uttar Pradesh, and Gujrat.

AQISQ says that they will fight for the honor of Prophet Muhammad. They are trying to provoke people, which can lead to a riot-like situation in the country. He has also talked about ending BJP in his threat letter. AL-Qaeda says that they will never forgive those who insult the Prophet Muhammad and will kill them all.

Who Is Al-Queda?

The other meaning of Al-Queda is Qaedat al-Jihad. The formation of Al Queda is made by Osama Bin Laden and Abdullah Azzam in the year 1988. Al- Queda is the multinational Sunni Islamic terrorist network that is full of jihadists.

Security Beefed Up Across The Country

After the threat of suicide bombing by the Al-Qued, now security has increased across the country. Law and order in Delhi, UP, and Gujarat are at a rapid pace. Officials have been asked to be cautious. The police force is stationed everywhere.

However, there is a state of tension after this statement across the country. And the government is adopting a very strong attitude in this matter. Recently there was a riot in Kanpur, after which 50 people have been arrested and the police are looking for the culprits.

Nupur Sharma’s Troubles Are Increasing

Let us tell you that after giving a controversial statement on Prophet Mohammad, the troubles of BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma are not taking the name lessening. BJP has already expelled her from the party. Now the news is coming that she is being threatened by the unknown. On her Twitter account, she expressed concern about the safety of his family.

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