Instagram Changes Their Logo & Get Trolled| See Meme

Instagram which is a widely used social media application all over the world has made changes to its Logo. If you look carefully at the earlier Logo and the present Logo, then you will understand the difference between the two. But do you know that after this update, people have started trolling Instagram badly on every social media platform? Such memes are being shared on Instagram Facebook Twitter, seeing as you will be forced to laugh. Let us know what is the update of Instagram, due to which people are trolling this update of Instagram. To know about this read this news article. You are reading!

About Instagram New Update

In this new update, Instagram has changed the logo of its application. A single look does not reveal any change in the logo but if you look carefully you will come to know about this change. Instagram just brightened up its logo. There is no other change visible in the logo other than just the brightness.

Hilarious Meme On Instagram New Logo

As soon as the new logo was released, people started posting a lot of memes related to Instagram, which will make you laugh too. Scroll to see the meme!

Popular Meme Page RVCJ Posted A Meme About Instagram Logo:

Very popular Meme Page Rajnikant Vs Cid Jokes posted a meme about Instagram’s new Logo!

Some other random Tweets on Instagram Logo, Have a look!

Have a look at some other funny tweets!

I hope you love reading articles. If you also have any memes on your device then please share them in the comment section or in the Mailbox. THANK YOU!

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