BhaiJaan Doppelganger Arrested at Old Lucknow | Know Why?

Lucknow Police arrested a man who looks like a famous Bollywood actor Salman Khan. Why city police arrest this man. What is he doing in old Lucknow so that he got arrested? Bhai Jaan Doppelganger is disturbing the peace or breaking the law in the city by doing some activities in prohibited places late at night in Lucknow. Who is this Doppelganger of Salman Khan and what is his name? Find the whole story of this duplicate Salman Khan. Scroll down below and read the whole article.

Duplicate Salman Khan Sent Behind the Bar

A man in Lucknow was arrested by the city police who claims that he looks like a Bollywood actor Salman Khan. His name was Azam Ansari. Azam Ansari was arrested on Sunday by Uttar Pradesh police for disturbing the law in public places. Azam Ansari was taken into custody by the Thakurganj Police station Area for violating the law. Azam Ansari was making the reels for his Instagram handle at the clock tower in old Lucknow. As he looks like a Bollywood actor Salman Khan he has a massive fan following on his social media platforms for which he is making short clips and videos. Because he looks like a duplicate Bhai Jaan while he was making reels on Lucknow roads a huge gathering occurs which affects the transport and creates a chaotic situation after which city cops came and handled the situation. For Violating the law Azam Ansari was sent behind the bars as well as some challan was also issued in his name for breaking the law in a public place.

Social Media Star Azam Ansari

Azam Ansari has a huge fan following on social media platforms like Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook. Azam Ansari has 1,67,000 followers on Youtube. He got millions of views in his videos. He used to make reels half-naked walking on the streets or sometimes lighting up cigarettes in public places for his Insta account. When he does this huge amount of crowd gathers to see fake Salman Khan and create traffic jams.

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