Here Blowing Accessive Horns may Cause You Jail | Know Why?

We are entering that era where every people are in a big hurry. In the early morning, people leave the house for their work. It is found that the use of private Vehicle is increasing day by day. This is the reason, why global warming and air pollution increase. But, do you think, the use of Car, Bikes or any other Vehicles causes sound pollution. The icing on the cake, is there are some people who are always in hurry on the road and kept blowing horns massively. Accessive use of horn also cause sound pollution and it may affect the health of other people. So, to abstain from these problems, A Country releases a very interesting law. Under this law, if someone finds to be guilty of blowing the accessive horns in their vehicles. then he/she will be fined with huge amount and may also cause Jail in some serious situations.

Loud Horn Blowing Vehicles Fined Heavy Charges

California, which is a western US state, going to pass a Pilot Project law. In this project, on the street and crossroads, the sound-activated camera will be going to install. This camera detects the sound of the loud horns and took pictures of them. According to the reports, those who try to violate the transportation rule may fine heavy charges and may also cause Jailed for major crimes.

About Sound Active Camera

There are many sensors are in the sound active camera, these sensors start working when a huge amount of sound starts coming from a vehicle horn. When this happens, these sensors give an indication to the camera, due to which the picture of that vehicle clicked by the camera.

Sound Active Carema Releasing Country

A western US State, California, is the country where Sound Active Carema is going to release. With the introduction of this law, Government tries to improve the environment and human health.

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