Urfi Javed Flashing Her Things and Makes Internet Ka Para High

Day by day Urfi sets new fashion goals in her industry. This super hot beauty gives us a shock with her different fashion sense. Again today she wears an outfit that is bold and so controversial. Urfi Javed looks super hot and super sexy in her white dress. Urfi Javed shocked everybody in her white dress and gets trolled. Urfi always gives everyone shock or surprise due to her fashion sense. Today you will find her in a white dress which makes her super stunning as well as made her a victim and became trolled for her outfit. Scroll down and take a look at her outfit in which she gets trolled.

Urfi Outfit Became a Victim

As always Urfi Javed did it again. Every day Urfi does this and becomes a news headline. Her fashion sense became so much loved but it also gets trolled. Today Urfi made a Headline by wearing a white dress outfit in which she looks super hot and sexy as always but trolled due to her dress as always. There is something in Urfi Javed Fashion sense which makes internet para high every day. Quickly fans and media started trolling for her outfits.

Urfi Javed Gets Trolled

Urfi Javed gets trolled today for her white outfit. when Urfi Javed’s name comes she has always been targeted by fans and social media for her dress. Recently she was super trolled for her transparent dress which looked made of plastic and today she became again victim of her white dress. In this white outfit, Urfi Javed seems wearing a white color dress made with white square patches on the top side of her dress and below her waist giving a little cleavage is given to show her sexy legs and make her look more sexy and hot. To complete the look Urfi Javed kept her hair open and makes a decent design and for footwear, she took pink color tie-up heels and pink lip color, and earrings to complete her sexy outfit.

Have a look at some Instagram user’s comments which she got in her pictures:

Urfi Javed Controversial Viral Video

Urfi Javed’s video has gone viral in her hot sizzling avatar. She made a short clip video on Instagram in her white stunning outfit and the video became so controversial due to her stunning and bold outfit.

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