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Why Warm-up & Cool-down is Important?

So we all start a fitness journey with a goal for which we are going to join the gym or start having some kind of fitness activity. Many of us are aware of doing different aerobic and anaerobic exercises to become fit and healthy. But most of us didn’t know the importance of warming-up and cooling-down and how it is the most important part of our workout.

Importance of Warm-ups & Cool-down

Warm-ups and cool-down include doing exercise at a lower intensity. The warm-up should include those muscles which you are going to use in further activity. Whether you are at the gym or going for a cricket
match, warm-up is essential before any of your physical activity. Cool-down is generally done after your workout session which aims gradually to bring your heart rate and body temperature to their normal

Warm up & Cool Down
Warm up & Cool Down

Benefits of Warm-up

Warm-up slowly increases your heart rate, prepares your cardiovascular system, and makes your
muscles and joints ready for your workout. So if you do warm-ups there are fewer chances to get injured during the workout. Second thing is that you will get an insane pump during the workout which
will grow your muscle faster and will help you to perform better in your activity.

Benefits of Warm up
Benefits of Warm up

Basic warm-up exercises are Jogging, Jumping jacks, Dynamic stretching, etc. However, if you are going to hit a particular muscle in the gym your warm-up should include that particular body part for better muscle growth. Such as


Benefits of Cool-down

After you had a good workout session you have to cool down your body, which will bring your body
back to homeostasis. Cool-down helps to recover your body from those intense workout sessions, makes your muscles relaxed, and will also help in speedy recovery from your previous workout. It also
reduces muscle soreness and improves your flexibility. Basic cool-down exercises include static stretching, Brisk walking, Yoga asana etc.

Cool Down Exercises
Cool Down Exercises

What if you skip your Warm-ups & Cool-Down?

If you skip your warm-up and cool-down session intentionally it can cause severe problems to your body leaving your fitness goals behind. Skipping your warm-ups and cool-down before and after you
the workout will lead you to muscle injuries, joint pains, lower flexibility, and whatnot.

So it’s very essential to include warm-up and cool down sessions for better and faster results. Thanks, for reading this article hope you have gained some knowledge. Do comment down your queries below till then good bye.

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