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3 Things you should know for FAT LOSS !!

So when we think about the fat loss we always aim to lose those extra fats which are stored in our belly, thighs, arms, etc. But we actually don’t know the real way to get to our desired physique. So we approach gym trainers or google it and start following a diet. Today we will discuss the most common mistakes that people make during a fat loss diet.

Common Diet Mistakes
Common Diet Mistakes

Creating a very large calorie deficit

Most of the time when it comes to fat loss all of a sudden we start starving ourselves by skipping meals or eating very less. Thinking that we can achieve our desired physique, but the results are that after some time you see eating a large size burger cause Ghrelin ( which is a hunger hormone ) keeps punching on your face to eat something up!!

Skipping Meals
Skipping Meals

The proper way to create a calorie diet is to create a small calorie deficit and increase it week by week. Let’s take a simple example.

  • Week 1 creates a calorie deficit of 250cal.
  • Week 2 increase it by 100cal which becomes 350 and so on.

As a fitness expert, I will not recommend you to go beyond the 1000 calorie deficit.

Eating too many healthy foods

While being on a fat loss diet we think that if we are eating healthy, no matter how much it still will help to lose food. But you are wrong!! As healthy foods still have calories in them and if you eat lots of healthy food you will be in a calorie surplus and will end up not losing fat. So you have to be aware of the food
which you are eating and how many calories that food caries, just to sure that you are in a calorie deficit state and losing those extra fats.

Healthy Foods
Healthy Foods

Always Remember

” Too much of a Healthy is also Unhealthy”

Depending too much on supplements

As we start our fat loss journey we will be surrounded by different fat loss methods like fat burning tea, fat burning cream, magical fat-burning methods etc. besides this we are also suggested by lots of fat burners and fat burning equipment. Which we use on the recommendation of uncertified trainers and google baba and totally rely on these things.

Fat Loss Supplements
Fat Loss Supplements

But the truth is that the only thing which works for you is your diet and your exercise. Besides this, all these fat burners and other things are just marketing strategies that will in real life just lightning your pockets.

So at last, I just want to say that if you want to lose fat, create a calorie deficit in your diet, increase your physical activity and give it some time.

Shubham Singh

Hey Guys, I am here to provide you with science-backed fitness knowledge in a fun and interesting manner. I try to merge all my knowledge, experience, and scientific data in all of my videos so that you could get the best of the best information out of them. I'm a Certified Trainer, Nutrition & Supplement expert.

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