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4 Reasons Why Women Should Lift Weights!!

Lifting weights is one of the favorite things which is majorly performed by men but when it comes to women there is some sought of doubts in mind whether they should lift weights or not, what if they become muscular like men if they lift heavy is it suitable for women to lifts heavy weights etc.

Weight Training
Weight Training

To clear all these doubts is up to us, as a fitness influencer i always try to clear all these doubts which comes to a female client and make them understand how beneficial weight lifting is.

Major Benefits Of Weight Lifting

Not only just women but weight lifting is also beneficial to all of us from weight loss to muscle gain, fat burn, better bones and joints, etc. In all situations, weight lifting is a win-win situation for all of us.

  • Get stronger

The most obvious benefit of lifting weights for women is that they will get stronger and also build muscles which will lead them to a super attractive body with serious strength in them. But lifting, weights doesn’t mean that 2 or 1 kg dumble you need to push your limits every time you enter the gym.

Push Your Limits
Push Your Limits

I always see women doing lots of cardio for their stubborn body fat. Weight lifting is the ultimate solution for your fat, there are enough studies that prove that weight lifting doesn’t only burn fat but sometimes it does even better than cardio. So another time when you entre in the gym focus on the weight training compounds movements primarily.

Compound Movements Exercises
Compound Movements Exercises
  • Prevent Injuries

Weight lifting promotes overall muscle mass and muscle strength which means you can perform all the other athletic tasks with much ease as compared to those who are not lifting. Nowadays in all national, international games such as cricket, football, basketball, Olympic games etc. weight training is an important part of their workout schedule.

  • Bone Strengthening

Lifting weights not just build your muscle mass but also strengthen your bones and provide joint support
also. Women are susceptible to losing their bone density as they get older, so weight lifting can help them from pains and fractures .

Stronger Bones
Stronger Bones

Besides all these amazing benefits weight lifting help you to build better confidence in yourself, so there are no reasons why you shouldn’t lift weights. So go ladies and do your weight training to know better yourself.

Thanks, for reading this article hope you have gained some knowledge. Do comment down your queries below till then good bye.

Shubham Singh

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