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Top 5 Facts About Exercises you should know!!

As we are busting all the myths related to health, fitness, and nutrition today also we are going to look at some of the myths related to exercise that we do in the gym, and their facts.

Squats are bad for your knees

Most of us are unaware of the proper form of squats, which later on injure your knee joints and other body parts. So it’s very important to know the proper form of each and every exercise you are doing in the gym.
The form is more important than lifting heavy.


Side bends for love handles

Love handle or commonly known as stubborn side belly fat is one of the most difficult fat to cut. Due to lack of knowledge, most gym trainers suggest side bends to cut down the wrong side fat, causing fat loss will only happen when you are on a calorie deficit diet. If you are doing lots of sides bends you will see more volume on the side belly of your body rather than losing it.

Love Handles
Love Handles

Crunches for Six-pack abs

There is another very huge myth is that if you will do crunches you will get abs. If you want a flat stomach and want to see your abs you have to lose a certain amount of body fat, doing crunches will not work for you.

Fancy Exercises Rather than Conventionals

So, there is a myth that new and fancy exercises will work for your muscles rather than the conventional ones. The fact is that you have to do the conventional old school exercises for your overall body growth, cause most of the new and fancy exercise targets a single muscle parts.

Fancy Exercises
Fancy Exercises

Morning is the best time to workout

Most of us think that workout in the morning is more beneficial rather than in the evening. But the fact is that neither morning nor evening is the best time to work out. Shocking!! But its true best time
to workout is the time when you work out there are no such benefits of doing a workout at any particular time.

Morning or Evening Workout
Morning or Evening Workout

These are some of the Myths which I have generally listened to, what about you have you ever believed in such types of myths comment down. Till then goodbye.

Shubham Singh

Hey Guys, I am here to provide you with science-backed fitness knowledge in a fun and interesting manner. I try to merge all my knowledge, experience, and scientific data in all of my videos so that you could get the best of the best information out of them. I'm a Certified Trainer, Nutrition & Supplement expert.

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