Paresh Rawal Tweets on Umran Malik Goes Viral

Paresh Rawal is India’s best actor, comedian, and Political of the Bhartiya Janta Party. Paresh Rawal is very famous all over India for his comedy style. Paresh Rawal gets huge fame from movies like Hera Pheri, Phir Hera Pheri, and Hungama. 66-Year-old Paresh Pawal recently posted a sensational tweet on Umran Malik. Friends, recently Yasin Malik has been sentenced to life imprisonment. Paresh posted a very nice tweet on Umran Malik with Yasin Malik. Although he did not take the name of Yasin Malik, after reading the tweet everyone was getting to know who he was talking about. Before reading that viral tweet of Paresh Rawal, let us know who is Umran Malik and Yasin Malik.

Who is Umran Malik?

Umran Malik is a fast bowler of the Indian team living in Kashmir. Umran Malik plays for Team Sunrisers Hyderabad in the Indian Premier League. The name Umran Malik is in the headlines at this time. Umran is a fast bowler and he has bowled in IPL 2022 with a speed of more than 150km/h. He has stunned everyone with his performance. Let us tell you that recently he has also been selected for the international team India. All Indians are proud to see the talent of this young bowler.

Who is Yasin Malik?

Friends, if you feel after hearing the name that there is any connection between Umran Malik and Yasin Malik, then you are absolutely wrong. Umran Malik is the shining star of India. And on the contrary, Yasin Malik has been sentenced to life imprisonment because he was found guilty of terror funding.

What Is Paresh Rawal Viral Tweet?

After knowing about Umran Malik and Yasin Malik, you too must have been curious to read that tweet of Paresh Rawal. So let’s see what Paresh Rawal has tweeted without naming Yasin Malik. Have a look!

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