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Vismaya Dowry Death Case Latest News

In the Vismaya dowry death case husband gets 10 years in jail and 12.55 lakh rupees fine. Kerala court put husband behind bars for 10 years and 12 lakh rupees fine in Vismaya Dowry death case. Vismaya V Nair is a medical student ( ayurvedic medical student) was found dead in Kollam, Kerala on June 21, 2021. A case is filed in the district court of Kerala and a hearing is going on. On Monday, the Kerala session court found the husband guilty and sent him to jail, and also put a fine on him. To know all the news related to this just scroll down the page and read the whole article till the end.

About Vismaya V Nair Case

This Vismaya dowry death case was going in Kerala session court. Vismaya’s family filed the case. On Monday after finding Kiran Kumar guilty session court sends her husband behind the bars for 10 years and put a 12.55 lakh rupees penalty also. The court sends Kiran Kumar, an additional vehicle inspector in the state motor vehicle department has been appointed. The court found him guilty under many sections. Section like 304-B Dowry death, 306 abetment to suicide and 498-A force someone to commit suicide. This case is filed under Indian Penal Court(IPC) sections. Not only jail her husband also gets fine of 12.55 lakh rupees under many sections.

This fined is charged on him in many sections. In Sections 304-B six year of jail and 2 lakh rupees fine and 6 years of jail under section 306 and in section 498-A, two years of jail and 50000 thousand rupees fine. In addition court ordered in section 3, ten lakh rupees fine as Dowry Prohibition Act along with that rupees 5000 fine under section 4. Totally 12.55 lakh rupees fine and 10 years imprisonment. 2 lakh rupees will be paid to the victims family.

Vismaya V Nair family’s said that he will try that his daughter victim gets life time imprisonment. They will appeal for that also in the court.

About Vismaya V Nair

Vismaya V Nair is an medical student in ayurvedic. She got married to Kiran Kumar who is an additional vehicle inspector in the state motor vehicle department. Kiran and Vismaya got married in the May 2020. At the time of marriage the vismaya family give 1.25 acre of land and 800 grams of the gold by the Trivikraman Nair father of the vismaya. Not only this a car is also gifted to Kiran and the cost of the car is 11 lakh rupees. These are given to Kiran Kumar in his marriage as a dowry but still the Kiran Kumar is not satisfied with this dowry and Vismaya V Nair. Vismaya found dead in kumar house in Kollam, Kerala on June 21, 2021.

Kerala governor Arif Mohammad Khan took a one day fast in the Raj bhavan and not only this he also instructed to universities that ask students to not support dowry. Neither give nor take a dowry in the marriages.

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