Cryptocurrency Market Crash| LUNA 91% Down, Bitcoin At Lowest

What happened with the Crypto Market. All top-listed Crypto is down to his least. Bitcoin is trading at Rs.22,60,526. LUNA is all the 91% down and become the top decreased crypto in the last 24 hours. Investors see a huge loss in the last 4 to 5 days. Is it still safe to hold crypto coins? or should go out of the market? are there any chances to gain losses? there are so many questions arriving amount investors. Guys, Today Crypto keep following its downward trend and making investors huge loss. Every Crypto coin including Etherium, Luna, Metic, Shiba, Bit Coin, and USDT trades in a very low position. Have a look at those Crypto that trades at their lowest price.

CryptoCurrency Today’s Trading Value

Crypto NameTrading Value in form of RupeeDown percentage
SHIB Inu0.000842-31.46%
ADA34.7300– 33.62%

In the twitter #Bitcoin cash hastag is on tredning. And according to the sources, it is found that the investor faces a $1 trillion loss from the aggregate crypto market till November 2021. Zerodha’s Ceo, Conibase Ceo warns users before this market crash situation of crypto.

Guys, if you have the capability to bear risk then this market is for you. Otherwise, for a safe sight, it is time to get out into this market. What is your point of view on this CryptoCurrency Market Crash? Tell us by posting your view in the comment section. Thank You for being with NewzHeadlines.

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