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Fat Loss vs Weight Loss What’s Better?

Do you want to lose fat or want to lose weight? In common terms, we always use the word weight loss rather than fat loss. So is there any difference between Weight loss and Fat loss, let’s find out.

Fat loss Vs Weight Loss
Fat Loss Vs Weight Loss

First, understand what the term Weight refers to, our body is composed of bones, muscles, organs, water, etc. The sum of all these weights defines our body weight. On the other hand, Fat loss means only the body fat which is excessively stored in your body.

Weight loss = Water loss+ Muscle loss + Fat loss
Fat loss = Stored Body Fat loss

So, now that you have differentiated between weight loss and fat loss there must be lots of questions arriving in your brain which we will discuss further.

Think Fat Loss Not Weight Loss
Think Fat Loss Not Weight Loss

Which is Healthier Fat Loss Or Weight Loss

Definitely, Fat loss is much healthier than Weight loss as in fat loss we target stored fat in our body which can be the primary reason for most the life-threatening diseases. On the other hand in weight loss, we collectively lose the sum of water + muscle + fat weight of our body which is not that effective for a healthy life.

Which is Easier To do

Weight loss is much easier than fat loss and in most gyms, slimming centers, and toning centers weight loss is made. Weight loss is easy but it also comes with side effects like low body energy, weak immunity, etc. While on the other hand fat loss is healthier but it takes time and a proper diet.

More Muscle Less Fat
More Muscle Less Fat

You have to understand that there is a huge difference between getting thin and getting fit. Most of the gyms and slimming centers are making us fooled by giving us some stupid weight loss diet that will show you result quickly but is not healthier and at the same time not sustainable. On the other hand, some educated gym trainers are giving you the right advice on fat loss with the proper diet which is healthy and sustainable for a long period.

So, in the end, you have to choose which one is good for you, from my personal experience I would suggest you go for a Fat Loss instead of Weight Loss.

Thanks, for reading this article hope you have gained some knowledge. Do comment down your queries below till then good bye.

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